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Providing Everything You Need!



-Anniversaries, Proposals, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations and much more! 

-Charging by the hour and travel (if necessary) 

-Average cost $70-$150

-Expect me to bring a speaker for music and to get goofy! Forget standing still and posing; candid documentary is more my style!


-Weddings, Proposals, Corporate Events, Small Business Advertisements, and everything in between! 

- Charging by package, time, and travel

-Average cost $1000-$1500

-I can be out of sight out of mind or up close and involved! You tell me! 


- Memorials, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events, Advertisements and much more!

-Charging by how long the edit will take me, how much footage I will have to go through

-Average cost $100-$500

-Expect a video that will pull your heartstrings. I can add specific songs or you can give me full creative range! 

KayMo Film Co

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