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KayMo Film Co Welcomes You

I'm Kaylee Mohiswarnath, and I've spent all my life exploring different places and experiences, but it's here in California that I've truly found my passion.

In high school, I stumbled upon videography as a hobby, little did I know it would become the driving force of my career. 

What sets my heart on fire is making people feel comfortable, special, and capturing those authentic, heartwarming moments that often bring tears of joy. I've had the privilege of documenting a diverse array of events, from intimate women's retreats to grand weddings, dance recitals, birthdays, advertisements, and even celebrations of life. I invite you to explore my portfolio and experience the world through my lens. Let's collaborate and create something truly special together!

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Founder & Videographer of KayMo Films 

"Your talent is truly an amazing thing to be able to witness and say we got to be apart of is such a cool thing to be able to experience. I can't wait to see how far you go cause to think this was your first solo wedding speaks volumes. It's only up from here!"

Tressa & Carlos

"We just got done watching our video and we LOVED it! I definitely teared up! Thanks to Kaylee for capturing the best moments of our day. 10/10 I would recommend hiring her."  

Alex & Tim

"Kaylee always seems to know how to make shooting so personal and fun, I am always excited to see her edits because she really tailors her shoots based on her clients. Thank you for capturing our special moments we can watch forever!"

Bella & Matt 

Truly-Top Notch


Kaylee is the ideal choice for your special event needs!

With her unparalleled commitment to excellence, competitive pricing, and unwavering dedication to genuine customer service, she stands as a true professional in her field. Kaylee prides herself on tailoring every event to suit her clients' individual preferences and requirements. When you choose Kaylee, you're not just getting any ordinary videographer; you're gaining a trusted partner who will make your special occasion truly unforgettable!

KayMo Film Co

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