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Kaylee Mohiswarnath






412 Del Cielo Ct 

Lompoc CA, 93437

Date of Birth:

March 28th, 1997

Kaylee Who?

Kaylee Mohiswarnath is a military spouse who has experienced a diverse upbringing across various locations. Despite these many destinations, her true sense of home lies in the picturesque state of Colorado. Kaylee's journey is a testament to the power of following one's passion and seizing opportunities when they arise. Kaylee has always had a natural talent for creating videos, capturing the essence of family vacations, anniversaries, and cherished moments with loved ones. Her ability to evoke emotions through music and videos was evident, but she never initially envisioned it as a potential career path. Despite not owning a professional camera, she was determined to explore her passion for videography. She reached out to local videographers in her area, seeking guidance and mentorship. This leap of faith led her to an incredible mentor who not only nurtured her talents but also helped her develop into the videographer she is today.Over the past two years, Kaylee's life has undergone a remarkable transformation. Her dedication to videography has allowed her to channel her creative energy and storytelling abilities into a fulfilling career. She has found her true calling and embraced a path that resonates with her heart and soul.

KayMo Film Co

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